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Up there with camping, staying in a B&B on the Norfolk coast is one of the most genuine East Anglain experiences available. Because many bed and breakfast owners live in the homes that have been in thier families for generations, spending the night can be an insight into Norfolk's heritage. In B&B's nearer to the sea, for example in Sheringham, you may find the breakfast room adorned with history. From old buoys in the bedroom to photographs of the area's fishing heritage along the staircase, B&B accommodation in Norfolk ranges from modern apartments to museumesque flint cottages.

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Norfolk's Changing Coastline

Sailing on the Norfolk coast

On the 5 December 2013, Norfolk's shores were struck by the strongest tides for nearly 60 years. From the shift of the maram-grassed dunes in Wells-Next-The-Sea to the obliteration of the shingle bank at Salthouse, bed and breakfast owners in Norfolk saw the landscape on their doorstep change forever. Many places to stay and local businesses were damaged by the storm, including our very own webcam at Burnham Overy-Staithe (our Blakeney webcam is still up!). While many of the changes to the beaches are beginning to weather in, those who've rented accommodation in coastal Norfolk before will see small changes to coastal landforms and high tide marks wherever they go.

Bed and Breakfast for Watersports Lovers

Watersports on the beach in Norfolk Brancaster and Blakeney provide the ideal bed and breakfast accommodation for sailing enthusiasts. If the tides are right, keen mariners will be able head straight up the creake and out to sea after breakfast while kayaks can still be paddled at low tide. Surfers can find occasional rewards on the stretch of coast between Runton and Cromer but should be prepared for very modest swells.

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The Big Three

While bed and breakfasts can be found all along the Norfolk coast, there are three towns in particular that have become hotspots for budget coastal accommodation. Undeniably the region's most reknowned seaside town, accommodation in Cromer is undeniably the most abundant. About an hours walk west of Cromer, past the beautiful fishing boats, ancient tractors and crumbling cliffs lies Sheringham. Those staying in Sheringham ("Shezza" to the local schoolkids) can expect less 2p machines and arcades than Cromer but still a steady supply of icecream and chips to keep the family happy! Fans of independant cinema and live performance should be sure to visit Sheringham Little Theatre. The final of Norfolk's B&B hotspots lies far to the west where the coast meets the Wash and begins to head south. Hunstanton is still home to some beachfront amusements and the Sealife Sanctuary, and yes it is where the two Coast Hopper buses shake hands but there is so much more in this area than many holidaymakers appreciate. Read a lowdown on where to stay and what to do in Hunstanton on our dedicated Hunstanton B&B's page.

Seafood for Breakfast!

Here in Norfolk it's not unheard of to start the day with spead of cold seafood and a hot cup of tea. In Salthouse Cookie's Crab Shop opens as 9am every morning, or if you're in less of a rush you can take your breakfast on Wells Quay where the morning's catch of cockles, roll mops and razor clams.

Sheringham Park

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