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Autumn on the Deep History Coast

Embrace the beauty of Autumn on Norfolk's Deep History Coast!

As the summer crowds fade away, North Norfolk's Deep History Coast comes to live in the season of Autumn.

Higher tides

Autumn brings higher tides, unveiling hidden treasures along the cliffs and beaches, with fossils waiting to be discovered. Explore areas like West Runton, where the legendary West Runton elephant was unearthed.

Historic trails

Embark on Historic Trails; The Deep History Coast spans 22 miles from Cart Gap to Weybourne. This expanse offers a fascinating glimpse into early human history and the stunning landscapes they inhabited.

Fall foliage

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking autumnal colours of Kelling Heath and Weybourne, set against the backdrop of the Deep History Coast.

Wildlife spectacle

October in North Norfolk is a birdwatcher's paradise, with thousands of European migrants gracing the skies. Marvel at birds from around the world as they embark on their remarkable journey.

Don't forget the seals! Watch them come ashore during the Autumn and Winter months, safely viewing them from a distance with their pups.

Less crowds, same beauty. Autumn may bring fewer crowds, but the charm of this enchanting Deep History Coast remains constant all year round!

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