Norfolk Tide Tables

Norfolk's Tides: Tables, heights and times

A high tide crashes over the Norfolk coast

Photo: Stephen Mole

When exploring the Norfolk coast it is important to be aware of the tides. Our helpful chart supplies up to date measurements, making It easy to find the ideal time for a trip to the coast.

Whether you are a sailing enthusiast looking for a day out on the boat or simply craving a relaxing seaside walk, the tide chart is an extremely useful tool for getting the most out of your holiday in Norfolk. For fans of water sports, it means you can always find the best waves while staying safe and maintaining awareness of the ocean’s movements.

Time Height Time Height
Thu 16th Aug 10.40 high 23.20 high
Fri 17th Aug 11.25 high 23.55 medium
Sat 18th Aug 12.15 medium
Sun 19th Aug 01.00 low 13.20 low
Mon 20th Aug 02.05 low 14.45 low
Tue 21st Aug 03.25 low 16.10 low
Wed 22nd Aug 04.35 low 17.15 low