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A friendly local business in Cley in Norfolk.

Rachel Nicolle, FwSS,
Primrose Cottage, Church Lane, Cley, NR257UD.

"Shiatsu is a unique stand-alone complementary therapy which supports health and well-being. I am pleased to be associated with the Shiatsu Society (UK) to raise awareness of the spirit and ethos of Shiatsu and the development of integrated and accessible healthcare." Dr. Hilary Jones.

RACHEL has a private Shiatsu practice in Cley-next-the-Sea on the North Norfolk coast near Blakeney, Holt, Sheringham and Cromer.

SHIATSU is a Japanese therapeutic massage based on centuries old Traditional Chinese Medicine.

SHIATSU is a gentle, supportive bodywork which is received fully clad. The principle is similar to Acupuncture but the hands are used (no needles at all) which adds the warmth of a caring, nurturing touch. This makes Shiatsu very pleasant and relaxing to receive.

The instinctive response to a bodily discomfort is to rub or press the spot, sometimes giving partial relief. But pressure applied systematically by sensitive, practised hands helps to reactivate the body's own natural responses in order to restore itself to normal.

Pressure, usually with thumb or palm, is applied down the traditional energy channels. Generally the whole body is treated. Shiatsu is always adapted to suit the needs of the individual. So it is suitable for everyone from those in acute pain, the frail, elderly, extremely sick to the young, vigorous and athletic. For those in good health it is a very good maintenance of well-being.
It is not necessary to be ill to benefit from Shiatsu.

A session normally takes approximately 90 minutes. First the receiver tells the practitioner of any problems they may be experiencing. The bodywork lasts some 45-60 minutes, after which the receiver usually likes to rest for about 5-10 minutes. Then they may wish to discuss the session and how they are feeling.

As in all Chinese Medicine, the aim is to bring the whole being, both physical and emotional, into a state of balance by restoring the free flow of energy within the body. This means that Shiatsu promotes general well-being, not only physical but emotional too. The pressures of our lives take their toll on our bodies and minds. Through helping to induce deep relaxation, both physical and emotional, Shiatsu allows the body to reactivate its own natural healing energy and thus to promote general well-being, both present as well as future.

RACHEL is a fully qualified Shiatsu Practitioner and a Fellow of the Shiatsu Society UK. In addition to her qualifying diploma she has a post-graduate diploma. She has attended many post-graduate seminars by the eminent international teachers Cliff Andrews and the late Pauline Sasaki as well as seminars by other well known practitioners.

In 2005 she successfully completed a two-part Certificate seminar on Cancer & Shiatsu given by Thea Bailey, one of the most experienced UK practitioners in this field, and the same year also gained the Certificate Course for Complementary Therapists at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Centre).

In addition to her private practice Rachel gave shiatsu for four years at The Norfolk Hospice, Snettisham, King's Lynn.

Rachel Nicolle FwSS,,
Primrose Cottage, Church Lane, Cley, NR257UD.

This business has its own website: http://www.shiatsusociety.org

Rachel Nicolle, FwSS in Cley

Shiatsu Society Registered Practitioner.
European Shiatsu School Diploma.
Shiatsu College Post-graduate Diploma.
Bristol Cancer Help Centre Certificate in Working with People with Cancer.

Landline: 01263740626

Email: rnicolle@waitrose.com

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